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America and the Rise of Middle Powers
US foreign policy is stuck in a cold war mindset of imperial dominance. It's time to listen to allies like Turkey and adjust.
The Guardian - January 11, 2011
Luis Posada Carriles: Trial of the Terrorist Who Almost Killed Me
A CIA agent, who masterminded the downing of a Cuba-bound flight in 1976 that killed 73 people, goes on trial in the U.S. this week. Stephen Kinzer, who had tickets for the flight, reports.
The Daily Beast - January 11, 2011
Time to Turn Traditional Enemies Into Useful Allies
The Age (Australia), January 15, 2011
"Start the Week"
With former Home Secretary Charles Clarke, former Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson, and economist Dambisa Moyo, author of "Dead Aid" and "How the West Was Lost" (Audio Link)
BBC Radio - January 10, 2011
Facing Disaster In The Middle East
Lecture at the London School of Economics - January 10, 2011
PodcastDirect Link(MP3)
Interview with Sir David Frost
Al-Jazeera - January 14, 2011 (Video)
Where Is the Tea Party Revolution on Foreign Policy
Freedom Daily - January 6, 2011
Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi Suicide: The suicide of the shah's son is the latest tragedy for a dynasty drenched in blood.
Daily Beast - January 5, 2011
End Human Rights Imperialism Now
Groups such as Human Rights Watch have lost their way by imposing western, 'universal' standards on developing countries.
The Guardian - December 31, 2010
New iPad app Based on "All the Shah's Men"
A group of cutting-edge designers and video artists has produced a highly innovative, interactive app called "Operation Ajax" about the 1953 coup in Iran. Here are announcements from the trade press:

"Operation Ajax" by Cognito Comics Available Now in the Apple iTunes Store
Cognito Comics launches its first graphic novel for the iPad
British Edition of "Reset: Iran, Turkey and America's Future"
Is Pubished as "Reset Middle East: Old Frieds and New Alliances:
Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Iran."
Kinzer to Promote New Book In London: for details click here.
Richard Holbrooke: A Consummate Insider Who Left Us Wanting More
Huffington Post - Decemeber 14, 2010
New Speaking Event
Monday, Jan. 24, 7 PM
Wheaton College, Wheaton, Il.
Facing Disaster In the Middle East: Do We Have Only Bad Options?
WikiLeaks Cables: Reading Between the Lines
One message, often buried, comes out loud and clear from the embassy cables: the US should choose its allies more carefully.
The Guardian - December 1, 2010
Un-"threat"-ing Iran:
Truthout.org · 2008
An Interview With Stephen Kinzer
Transcribed interview on Iran
Interview with Counterpunch, April 2008
“The way to make Iran calm down and feel like it doesn't need to pursue policies that are highly destabilizing in the Middle East is to make Iran feel safe.”
Interview about Iran
Interview with NiemanWatchdog, February 2008
"If the U.S. and Iran sit down for serious and broad-ranging talks, they may find that not only do their interests not make them logical enemies, but that they have many strategic goals in common."
Interview with Amy Goodman about Iran
Democracy Now, March 2008
In a reality-based, fact-based policy environment in Washington, you’d think that the idea of attacking Iran would be off the agenda now."
audio/video/transcribed · alternative link
Interview about Iran
The Agonist · 2008
One thing we're trying to do on this tour is to reach beyond people who are political activists.
Interview about Iran with Fariba Amini
Iranian.com · 2006
The US tragically misjudged nationalist leaders in other countries.
Interview about Iran with "The Takeaway" on NPR (audio)
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